How to wake up feeling refreshed guaranteed

How to wake up feeling refreshed guaranteed

Posted by Sam Davies (Sleep Guru) on

The morning is the most important part of the day. How you start your morning seems to dictate the course of your day and can either put you in a positive mindset or a negative one.

We all have those days where nothings feels right or goes to plan, but what if there was a way you could minimise those days?

What if there was a way you could wake up feeling productive, positive and refreshed every day?Besides ensuring that you are sleeping on an excellent mattress, there are some other techniques you can adopt to make your mornings amazing:

The Night Before

Getting a good night sleep goes without saying if you want to wake up feeling refreshed, however most people forget that the quality of their sleep starts with the night before.

To put yourself in the best mindset for the morning, consider planning ahead for the following day. This includes adopting a calming ritual that allows you to prepare for the next day, such as-

  • Setting your clothes out
  • Prepping your lunch
  • Writing tomorrows todo list
  • Having your breakfast planned

By organising your morning, it helps you to wake up feeling organised and less stressed. This ensures that you start your day in the right way.It is also important to remember that before bed it is best to avoid electronic devices.

The blue light emitted from electronics can delay feelings of sleepiness and keep you up late into the night.

In the Morning

Studies have found that the first 15 minutes of waking are the most important when it comes to feeling refreshed throughout the day, so it is important to use them wisely.

The best way to start your morning off on a positive note is to minimise as much stress as possible. To do this, it may be best to establish a routine.

Research has found that people who start off their day with a routine are not only calmer, but also more productive and feel more energised throughout the day.

Some of the most favourable things to include in your morning routine are:

  • Exercising or stretching: this helps to wake you up and releases feel-good endorphins.
  • Working on a passion project: studies have found that doing creative, passion project first thing in the morning can help to relieve stress and keep you more engaged throughout the day.
  • Eating a healthy breakfast: having protein, fresh fruit and whole-grains are some of the best options to help kick-start your energy.
  • Taking a Warm Shower: having a shower can help to clear way that sleepy feeling and can energise you for the day ahead.
  • Quality Family Time: making time for your loved ones in the morning can help to put you in a positive mindset and can help boost your motivation.

During the first moments of waking it is also best to avoid distractions or things that are going to make you feel stressed such as checking your emails, watchingTV or scrolling through Facebook.It is also best to avoid pressing snooze or delaying the waking process.

This not only leads to you feeling more tired but it also gives you less time in the morning to spend on other things.In fact, research has shown that waking up earlier and having a more leisurely and relaxed morning can make you more productive. These small changes to your morning routine can go a long way in helping you to feel good about your day.

Waking up feeling refreshed has a lot to do with your mindset. While having a good night’s sleep can definitely help, there is no amount of sleep that can substitute for a positive frame of mind.